Our History

The Hastings Business Law Journal (“HBLJ”) was founded in 2005. HBLJ currently publishes three issues per volume. Each issue contains scholarship written by law professors, judges, practitioners, and student members of HBLJ. All articles are subjected to a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance and tone.


The Hastings Business Law Journal has two principle functions.

First, HBLJ aims to contribute to legal scholarship by addressing important business law issues both domestically and internationally.  Second, it provides opportunities for the HBLJ’s members to develop research, editorial, administrative, and teaching skills. Accordingly, HBLJ members select, edit, and publish all articles and notes in each issue.


Editors are trained to critically and comprehensively evaluate submissions. Through a team-editing process, they address the work's analysis, writing style, research, organization, and accuracy. In addition, student authors who submit notes for publication receive extensive editorial assistance that helps them write more clearly and persuasively.

Our Team


HBLJ is operated entirely by students of University of California, Hastings College of the Law and is fully independent of faculty and administration review or supervision. The organization is self-supporting and derives its income principally from subscriptions and copyright royalties. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions and carry day-to-day operations.


Notable Citations

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